The Art Of Custom Beer Labels: 2 Important Aspects

Posted on: 20 March 2015

When it comes to the label on your product, you want to make sure that it accurately reflects not only the essence of your product, but the driving force of your company. Especially in the alcohol industry, having the right custom beer label can make or break sales. In fact, your beer might be the best in its respective class, whether it's an IPA, a lager, or an ale, but without proper marketing it will never achieve the status you have envisioned for it. This article discusses the importance of having the right custom label to ensure your beverage reaches its intended audience, and how a proper redesign can revitalize your entire company.

Clarity Of Product Label

Clarity in terms of a product label doesn't necessarily refer to the visual clarity of the label itself, but rather what the product offers. There are many successful products with labels that include a depth of field that includes both blurry and clearly defined aspects.

Instead, a product label's clarity must quickly and effectively convey what the product is for, and the product's brand. This might seem simple enough, but electing for poor color choices in font or background, or trying to squeeze too much information into too small of an area, can make this difficult for the consumer. This is one of the most important reasons you want to have professional design firms create your custom labels.

The Impact Of Redesigning

Redesigning the label for your custom beer also has a number of benefits, not the least of which may be increased sales. Every now and then, customers need to feel a sense of rejuvenation, even with regards to the same old beer they've drank for the last ten or twenty years.

Even breweries that have become a staple in the industry need to revamp their design every now and then. It's not so much to signal a change in the taste or direction of a beer or brewery, but simply to stay relevant as fashions and styles change. People can become indifferent to a beer whose design or labeling hasn't changed in over a decade. Not only does it signal a lack of consideration for the times, but, simply put, it can turn a robust, outstanding beer into a dull, overlooked beverage that seems dated and irrelevant.

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to consider redesigning your custom beer label, and increased sales, along with maintaining relevancy, are just two of the most important. Furthermore, because issues like text color, size, and alignment affect how customers perceive your product, and ultimately factor in to whether or not they purchase it, it is important to leave label redesigns to professionals such as Precision Label Ltd custom labels.