Learning How To Operate A Forklift? 4 Tips To Keep You Safe

Posted on: 8 April 2015

You had no idea that your new job would require you to operate a forklift. Now that you're going to learn how to operate one, you're going to need to learn some important safety tips. Your employer will teach you the basic operating procedures and safety regulations but there are some additional tips you'll want to remember. Here are some tips that will keep you protected on the job.

Check the Ground

Safety procedures begin before you even begin operating the forklift. Like most mechanical vehicles, forklifts can leak oils and other lubricants during the night. Before you begin operating the forklift, inspect the ground around the machine. This can help prevent slip and fall accidents. To protect yourself from accidental slips, place a large piece of cardboard under your forklift when you leave the worksite.

Watch Your Hands and Feet

You'll be required to wear a hardhat while operating your forklift. This will protect your head from injuries. However, your hands are also in danger of injuries. To help prevent injuries, keep your hands away from the lift gears. When the lift gears are operational, they can cause serious pinch injuries. Wear protective gloves and keep your hands away from the gears.

Keep Your Head Protected

When looking at your forklift, you'll notice that your seat is inside a cage. That cage is designed to protect you from injuries. It's important that you stay inside the cab whenever you're operating the lift. You should never allow any part of your body—including your head, arms or legs—to leave the protection of the safety cage while you're operating your forklift. Reaching out from the safety cage while the forklift is moving can lead to serious injuries.

Stay In the Cab

When operated on unstable ground, your forklift can tip over. Your first instinct might be to jump to safety. That's the worst thing you can do. Instead, if you feel the forklift begin to tip over, grab the steering wheel as tightly as you can and stay inside the cab. The cage and frame will protect you. Once the forklift has come to a complete stop, you can safely leave your seat.

If you're new job requires you to operate heavy equipment, like a forklift, there's no need to panic. You're training will include proper operating procedures. In addition to the basic safety precautions that you'll be taught, these tips can help keep you safe while you're operating your forklift. For more information about proper operational procedures, contact a company like Westminster Forklift Rentals.