How Big Can You Go? Heavy-Duty Cranes Of Monumental Size And Why You Might Need Them

Posted on: 7 April 2016

Cranes of the usual construction sort often have ways to expand their reach and height to accomplish heavy lifting and destruction jobs from the ground. However, there are heavy-duty cranes known as "gantry cranes" which do not have height extenders. Instead, this type of heavy-duty crane is built in several sizes to accomplish larger and larger jobs. How big can you go with a gantry crane? Why would you need such a large, heavy-duty crane? The answers to these questions follow.

Auto Shop Size

This is one of the smaller versions of this type of crane. You might use this if you have some support beams in place to hold the crane's steel cross beam and winch engine, and you need to lift things that are a couple of tons or less. They fit into a small, low space but still lift a lot of weight.

Warehouse Size

Warehouse size gantry cranes are the next size up. These cranes have cross beams that span the entire width of most warehouses and can lift much more than the auto shop size. When you need to lift and move loads down the assembly line or move extremely heavy objects around in the warehouse, you would invest in this type of crane.

Mining Size

Combining a conveyor system with a gantry crane, these mining size cranes tower over the average adult male, reaching heights that will cross over canyons and head into mining tunnels that might otherwise be out of reach of ground cranes. If you need a humongous, heavy-duty gantry crane for use outside, a mining-sized version may be of help. Just be aware that it will need to be bolted to the ground for stability and may not be moved any time soon.

Ocean Liner Size

When you need the biggest gantry crane size that can lift several hundred to several thousand tons, you may want the ocean liner size. (They are definitely an outdoor type of crane because you cannot fit something like this inside a building.) Taller than most small city office buildings and tall enough to accommodate the size and height of an ocean liner, these cranes can lift virtually anything you need them to lift, including construction trucks. These cranes may also be used in the oilfield industry for carrying, moving and erecting drills and rigging equipment. Additionally, in the event of a cataclysmic event, these cranes can lift things out of sink holes, remove planes that have crashed into buildings, and even help lift extremely heavy chunks of rubble and steel I-beams out of a collapsed or exploded building. 

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