Maintenance Tips For Your Business's Double Arm Mixer

Posted on: 22 May 2017

Double arm mixers can be necessary for many businesses, and these appliances can be major investments for any enterprise to make. Therefore, it is important to understand the steps that you should be taking to ensure that the mixer is kept safe from some types of damage and routine wear so that your unit will last for years.

Protect The Mixer's Electrical Components

A modern double arm mixer will have an assortment of electrical components that are designed to regulate the motion of the arms. Additionally, these systems will often have control panels that will allow for pre-set mixing patterns to be used to ensure you get the results that you require. Unfortunately, electrical surges will be highly damaging to these components of a double arm mixer. Protecting the system against these hazards will require you to install a surge suppressor and power regulator.

Lubricate The Mixing Arms

Over the course of using your double arm mixer, the lubrication that protects your mixer's arms against excessive wear due to friction will start to degrade. As this lubrication degrades, the amount of friction that is generated by these arms will gradually increase until the mixer suffers a catastrophic failure. Every week, you should have your employees check the arms to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of lubrication and add more when the arms need it. When buying a lubricant, you should check to make sure it is the type that is recommended by your owner's manual. If you use a lubricant that is too weak, it may quickly degrade under the stress. However, using one that is too thick can also be problematic as it can cause the arms to become jammed.

Inspect The Mixing Bowl For Wear And Tear

It can be easy to neglect the mixing bowl of the system. However, this bowl will be subjected to intense wear, and any problems with it can put the materials that you are mixing at risk of complications. For example, if these bowls become scratched, they may start to corrode, which can lead to the materials in the bowl becoming contaminated by the rust particles. By training your employees to always check these bowls for signs of corrosion, you can help to catch this problem before it causes problems for your operation. Furthermore, you should always keep several spare mixing bowls in storage so that you can quickly swap out damaged bowls so that any productivity impacts of limited.