There Are Many Kinds Of Fluid Pumps

Posted on: 26 February 2018

When dealing with fluids, there has to be a way to get that fluid from one place to another. That's where pumps come into play. There are various kinds of pumps that can be found in use. So, what are some of the different kinds of pumps out there?

Mechanical Pumps

One thing about mechanical pumps is that they are versatile as to where they can be placed. They can either be placed in the fluid or outside the fluid, depending on where the fluid is and where it needs to go. For example, a well pump may be in the water so that it can fight the draw of gravity and get the water up into the pipes. 

Positive Displacement Pump

A positive displacement pump will grab a set volume of fluid and then send it into the discharge pipe. One way that a positive displacement pump can do this is to have two cavities, one on the intake and one on the output. The cavity on the intake part of the pump expands and sucks in that set volume of fluid. Then the cavity on the output side of the pump contracts, forcing the fluid to be expelled into the discharge pipe and then to where it needs to go. A positive displacement pump will always take in the same amount of fluid and put out the same amount of fluid. There are various kinds of positive displacement pumps. 

Rotary Pump

There are different kinds of rotary positive displacement pumps. One would be a screw type. Inside the pump housing, there is a large screw. As the screw turns, it brings in fluid. The fluid travels up the screw as it turns and then goes out into the displacement pipe. The screw turns continuously, constantly transferring fluid from one place to another. 

Reciprocating Pump

A reciprocating pump has one or more pistons or cylinders that push the fluid from one place to another. Think of a reciprocating pump like your engine. When the piston goes down, the fuel gets sucked into the cylinder. As the piston goes back up, the fuel goes out of the cylinder. 

Using pumps is the easy way to get fluid from one place to another. There are a wide variety of pumps that can be used for so many different reasons. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. All pumps won't work for every situation, which is why there is such a wide variety. To learn more, check out websites like for additional information.