Resurrecting The Roman God Vulcan: How Industrial Processes Would Honor This God

Posted on: 18 March 2018

Vulcanization refers to any industrial process that makes a liquid substance harder and more durable through the application of heat or fire. The word also honors the ancient Roman god Vulcan (known to the Greeks as Hephaestus), who controlled all manner of fire and the production of goods tempered in the flames. It is no surprise, then, that these processes are named for the ancient god. Some people are considering returning to a time when these old gods were honored. If you chose to join such a movement, and you wanted to honor this "smithy god," here is how you could do just that.

Learn How to Use Vulcanization Equipment

Depending on what you intended to vulcanize, you will need different tools and machines. For instance, to vulcanize rubber, you need a machine that encases the rubber objects, and then "fires" them at an extreme temperature. In regards to rubber tires, a very wet rubber mold is placed in a fire chamber and then "cooked" until the rubber is exceedingly hard and no liquid rubber residue remains. These fire chambers come in a number of sizes, depending on what you will need in order to alter from viscous rubber to hard rubber. 

Rubber is not the only product that is vulcanized, either. Like the many smithing talents of the ancient god, you can forge glass, metal, and even stone. You can create any number of products with the right vulcanization equipment. Be sure to make a decision about which vulcanized objects you intend to make to honor the ancient deity.

Understand How Vulcanization Works

Fire alters many substances. It can transform mud to stone, sand to glass, and metal to liquid. It was all of these amazing processes in ancient Rome that made vulcanization and smithy work seem like magic, or the work of the gods.

Quite often, those with some major talent for this type of work were deemed "demi-gods," children of Vulcan himself. Now, modern science can explain these processes with ease so that you can understand how Vulcanization works. However, ancient Romans would have pronounced it "Vulcan's wisdom" to know how fire can remove water from mud to make it into stone, speed up the molecules in sand to turn it into liquid glass, and make metal do whatever you want it to do.

Create Astounding and Useful Products

Vulcan was known for creating amazing things, including mechanical bulls and metal birds that could fly. Things with metal gears were also the result of his god-gifts. If you can take the knowledge, the equipment and the skills of vulcanization and create unique and useful products, you, too, may be honored as Vulcan once was.