The 59 URAI: If Only the Roots Brothers Could See Their Invention Now!

Posted on: 11 April 2018

The 59 URAI Roots blower is a variation on the Roots blower originally invented by the Roots brothers. They patented their invention over one hundred fifty years ago, probably never thinking that it would ever become the primary component in several machines. If the Roots brothers could only see their invention now, they would find it working very hard in all of the following machines. 

Two-Stroke Diesel Engines

These diesel engines are quite fast and quite powerful. the oot blower plays a major part in how they operate. The internal combustion piston completes two revolutions for each single crankshaft stroke. In these engines, the Roots blower pulls in fuel into its side bladders, and then injects it into the engine. This has to be done quickly because of the speed of the engine's pistons. The side bladders are flexible enough and operate fast enough to accommodate the two-stroke engine's fueling needs.

Otto Cycle Engines

This is the type of engine that was invented not long after the Roots brothers invented the Roots blower. In fact, some mechanics and mechanical engineers argue that without the Roots brothers invention about thirty years prior, the Otto cycle engine would not have been possible. Since the invention of the Otto cycle engine, many machines, including trucks and industrial manufacturing machines, have used the Otto engine to power their machines and vehicles. 

Hot Rods

Something that the Roots brothers probably never dreamed of or never intended their blower to be used for is hot rods. These hot rodding, street racing cars are extremely popular with a lot of men, and a few women who like cars. The Roots blower is what gives these cars their huffing, revving sound every time you step on the gas and rev up the engine. It makes the cars louder, more exciting to watch, and undoubtedly, more powerful than your average vehicle.

A Real Gas Burner

The only downside to using a 59 URAI Roots blower/supercharger is that it burns a lot of gas. This is primarily why it is used most often in conjunction with diesel and industrial engines. Since the gas and fuel in these machines is essentially burned anyway, it is thought of as "no harm, no foul." In standard gasoline engines, such as the ones that exist in most hot rods, you will burn through a lot of gas in a very short period of time. Ergo, consider this carefully if you are going to put the Roots blower into anything other than a diesel or industrial engine.