Having Concerns With Your CNC Machine? What To Check

Posted on: 24 May 2018

If the nuts and bolts on your CNC machine become loose and you worry that this can cause problems for the safety of your employees and mechanical concerns for the machines, there are some things to consider. You want to maintain the machines properly, so you don't have to worry, and there are some other things that you want to do to each machine. Look into these different tools, hardware options, and machine maintenance items so you can stop worrying about the nuts and bolts coming loose during a workday.

Backup Wrench

A backup wrench is a great tool to have on hand if your staff is often tightening and loosening the bolts on different machines, and if you are worried that the nuts or bolts on a CNC machine are going to come loose. Get these tools to have on hand for the staff when they are working, so they are able to adjust the hardware as needed safely and with ease.

Hydraulic Seals

Seals to put around the fixtures where the nuts and bolts are secured can help to reduce friction and to reduce the event that the components will become loose while the machine is running and functioning. You want to have these seals put on where needed, and they can be ordered in bulk so that the mechanics or machinists always have them in stock.

Cleaning and Monitoring

Clean the machines regularly so that corrosion doesn't become a problem that starts to harm and affect the machines. You also want to be sure that you monitor the bolts or nuts you think are loose, so that your machine doesn't get mechanical complications from rocking or being off track. Clean the CNC machine and inspect the bolts as frequently as needed, to see if tightening or loosening is a concern that needs to be corrected.

There are a lot of different things that you want to do to make sure that all of the mechanical components on your machine are working properly, but having loose nuts and bolts can be a safety concern and hazard that can result in serious damage or injury. Make sure that you are inspecting these pieces if you feel they keep coming loose or wiggly, or that they are stripped or have problems, so you can get the pieces replaced right away. Follow these different maintenance suggestions when you are ready to maintain your machines and hardware the proper way.

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