Signs You Should Buy A Bigger And More Powerful Pool Pump

Posted on: 28 January 2019

Pool pumps come in varying sizes, and some pool pumps are much stronger than others of similar size. Of course, they come in varying sizes and levels of power for a reason, since some pool owners don't need a very large or powerful pool pump. For some pool owners, though, a bigger and more powerful pool pump is the right investment, such as those who are in the following situations.

You Have a Large Pool

For one thing, it only makes sense that those who have bigger swimming pools should buy bigger pool pumps. In addition to size, you'll need to make sure that your pool pump is powerful enough to handle all of the water in your bigger swimming pool. Look for recommendations on pool pumps based off of the approximate size of your bigger pool to help make sure that you buy the right pool pump for the job.

You're Having Trouble Keeping Your Pool Clean

Even if you think that the pool pump that you have is the right size, you might have noticed that keeping your pool clean is hard work. If you're having trouble with this, then it might be time to buy a bigger and better pool pump. Then, you can make sure that your pool is kept nice and clean, and you can save yourself a lot of hard work when it comes to pool ownership, too.

Your Pool Pumps Don't Last Long

As with just about anything else, your pool pump will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. However, pool pumps should last for several years. If this hasn't been the case for you in the past, such as if you have found yourself buying a new pool pump every couple of years, then something is amiss. If you buy a pool pump that is too small for your pool, then it might have to work a lot harder to try to keep the pool clean. This is often going to result in the pool pump wearing out more quickly than it would if it was an appropriate size for your pool. Additionally, you should make sure that you buy a pool pump that is powerful and that comes with good reviews. Even if it costs you a little more now, it'll save you money in ownership costs for your pool in the long run if it lasts your family longer because it's a better pool pump.

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