Heavy Duty Equipment Rental Tips For A Remote Job Site

Posted on: 4 August 2019

Renting heavy equipment is a great way for both small and large construction companies to expand their business and take on larger projects than their own equipment can accommodate. Whether you need excavators or massive cranes, there are machines out there you can rent to get the job done. However, if the job site is very remote, then there are some extra costs and considerations you need to think about.

Whether you are renting heavy equipment for a mine or other remote job site, here are some tips that will help you:

Tip: Get Multiple Equipment Rental Cost Quotes Prior to Submitting Your Project Bid

Before you bid for a remote construction project requiring heavy equipment your company doesn't yet own, make sure you first get multiple rental cost quotes.

This step is vital because the price to transport the machinery to your job site may vary greatly between the various construction equipment rental companies. It's important that you ensure the equipment you need is going to be available and that you can afford to get it to your job site while still making the project profitable for your company. 

Tip: Bundle All of Your Equipment Rental Needs with One Company

While one rental company may have a better price on some pieces of machinery you need and another may have the best price on others, it's important to avoid the mistake of renting multiple machines from multiple construction equipment rental companies. While it may seem like a great way to save money, it will make your life a lot more complicated and should be avoided.

Instead, you should try to leverage the rental price quotes against each other to find one rental company willing to give you the best bundled deal. This will give you one point of contact if there is a problem with any of your machinery. If you are renting many different pieces, then you can often arrange for a better price by renting everything you need at one place.

Tip: Rent Heavy Equipment with Installed GPS Trackers

Lastly, since you are renting expensive heavy equipment pieces and will be parking them on a remote job site where theft can be a problem, it's vital you rent machines with onboard GPS trackers. This will allow you, the rental company, and even law enforcement to find the machines you are responsible for just in case some criminal decides to try and steal one.

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