Uses For Planetary Mixers From Silicone Mixing Equipment Suppliers

Posted on: 21 September 2020

The success and function of your construction company rely on the equipment that you have available for jobs. When you need to mix heavy-duty and potentially toxic materials like silicone, you need to invest in machines like planetary mixers that are designed to handle them. However, before you buy these machines, you may wonder exactly what they can do on your job site. These functions are some for which mixers from silicone mixing equipment suppliers are designed.


The planetary mixers that you can buy from silicone mixing equipment suppliers are designed to knead materials like silicone that you put in them. Kneading makes the materials that you need to work with more pliable. It works out the tension in the silicone and eliminates hazards like bubbles or crevices that can mar both the silicone's function and appearance.

The machine spares your crew from having to knead the silicone themselves. Instead of pouring into bins and having your crew work the silicone over with rakes and shovels, you can pour it into one of the planetary mixers and use the mixer's knead function.


As its name implies, a planetary mixer can mix silicone to the right consistency. If you make your own silicone batches on the job site, you can add the raw silicone and other ingredients like water or cement to get the right mixture. The machine blends, tumbles, and stirs the silicone until you get the right texture, color, and thickness needed for your construction job.


Once the machine mixes the silicone, you need a way to pour it out onto whatever surface that you are working. You do not want to have to scoop it out with shovels or your hands. You need a faster, easier, and cleaner way to get the silicone out.

The planetary mixers that you can buy from silicone mixing equipment suppliers are designed to disperse their contents easily and efficiently. It can pour out the silicone onto your job site and spare you from having to scoop it out and remove the silicone on your own.

These functions are some that planetary mixers are designed to handle for construction companies like yours. You avoid having to knead and mix the silicone yourself. You also can use the machine to pour out the silicone once it is blended to your specifications. You can get them from any local silicone mixing equipment suppliers.