Why You Should Have Metallographic Sample Preparation Done By A Professional

Posted on: 16 March 2021

You might be planning on having samples tested sometime soon, and you might already be planning on using a metallurgical testing service for this testing. However, you might assume that you can prepare the samples that are going to be tested without any help, then simply send those samples off so that they can be tested. This might seem ideal and might seem like a way to cut your testing costs a little bit, but you should actually consider having your metallographic samples professionally prepared instead for the following reasons and more.

They Have the Right Equipment

You might not really think special equipment is needed in order to prepare metallographic samples, but this is not the case. Metallurgical mounting presses, cutting equipment, and more might all be needed in order to prepare your sample. You might not have access to the necessary equipment in your place of business, which means that you might benefit from having a professional prepare your sample for you. After all, they should have everything that they need in order to create a sample, so you will not have to worry about purchasing any special equipment.

It's Important to Prepare the Samples Properly

Even if you do have the equipment in-house that might be needed so that you can prepare your metallographic samples, you might not be experienced with preparing these samples. It's important to make sure that they are prepared properly. For one thing, the service that is going to be performing the testing might not be able to perform the testing for you at all if the sample is not prepared correctly. Additionally, you won't get the most accurate results from the testing if you don't provide the right sample. Therefore, working with a professional service to make sure that your samples are prepared as they should be is a good thing to do.

The Same Company Might Perform Both Services

You may find that you can make things much easier for yourself when having metallurgical testing done if you choose a service that will help with both sample preparation and sample testing. This can be an easier and more convenient way of having everything done, and since the testing company will be preparing the sample themselves, you can make sure that the sample is prepared properly so that it will work properly with their testing methods and equipment. Luckily, it should be easy to find a testing company that will prepare your samples for you, too.

For more information about metallographic sample preparation, contact a local service.