3 Tips For Keeping Your Industrial Air Compressor Working Properly

Posted on: 6 July 2021

Whether you own a business that has always been equipped with multiple air compressors or you just purchased your first industrial compressor, then you want your compressor(s) to stay in good shape for as long as possible without the need for frequent repairs. While air compressor quality can affect their lifespans, you can further help extend the life of any compressor by performing proper maintenance tasks on a regular basis. 

Read on to learn about three of the most important air compressor maintenance tasks you should perform and why. 

1. Replace Oil and Air Filters Regularly

All air compressors are equipped with air filters and all compressors aside from scroll oil-free compressors are also equipped with oil filters. You should replace these filters on a regular basis to keep your air compressor working properly. When a compressor air filter is covered with debris, the compressor motor must work harder, which can lead to excess motor wear and tear and even potential machine overheating. A clean oil filter is also important for keeping your air compressor working efficiently. 

Experts recommend changing both compressor air filters and oil filters after about every 1000 hours of machine use. However, you should also clean all air filters at least once a week between filter changes. 

2. Tighten and Lubricate These Components Often

Many air compressors are prone to vibrating slightly during use. While this vibration is expected and does not harm the machine, it can lead to compressor screws, nuts, and bolts loosening over time. For this reason, you should tighten all machine fasteners, screws, nuts, and bolts on a regular basis to keep your machine running properly and prevent compressor problems that could be caused by loose components. 

In addition, lubricate motor bearings after every 2,000 hours of air compressor machine use or at least once a year to help keep the motor running smoothly and efficiently. 

3. Change Compressor Oil On a Periodic Basis

Air compressor oil, or lubricant, performs many important tasks that help keep a compressor functioning properly. This oil not only helps keep moving machine components operating smoothly, but it also acts as a machine coolant that prevents compressor overheating. 

While you should check your machine oil level daily and top it up when necessary, you also need to completely replace your compressor's oil on a regular basis. While some compressors can be run about 8000 hours before oil replacement is needed, others need complete lubricant replacement after just 4000 hours of use. Check your compressor's user manual to determine how often you should replace your unit's oil. 

If you rely on one or more air compressors at your business, then be sure to perform these compressor maintenance tasks to keep your machine(s) operating efficiently and potentially extend their lifespans. To learn more or to make a purchase, contact a local supplier such as a Quincy air compressor dealer.