Key Features To Get In Food-Safe Plastic Buckets

Posted on: 25 August 2021

If you plan on storing food inside plastic buckets, you need to make sure the buckets are food-safe. These are rated to hold food without leading to negative health events. These are a couple of features to seek in these bucket solutions for food.

Sealable Lids

In order to keep food adequately protected inside a plastic bucket for an extended period of time, you need sealable lids. They can keep the elements from affecting the contents inside, whether it's cheese or some other type of dairy product.

The lids first have to fit over the top end of the plastic buckets and then have components that seal shut. A lot of times, you'll see lids that are more sealed shut on plastic buckets after they've been hit with force. Then the lids are less likely to fall off during transportation. 

Verified Food-Safe Designs

Before you put food inside plastic buckets that you've purchased, make sure they truly have a good food-safe design. You don't want to take any chances with these buckets potentially leading to contamination that subsequently causes sickness.

If a plastic bucket was truly meant to be used for food storage purposes, then it will have an FDA-approval rating that certifies the bucket can be used to store food. The manufacturer made their plastic buckets with this exact purpose in mind. All you need is this confirmation and then you can begin storing food materials inside these buckets with added safety controls in place. 

Reinforced Ribs Around the Body 

If you plan on putting a lot of food contents inside each plastic bucket, or you just want to stack them on top of each other, then make sure you get a body that has reinforced ribs. Then these buckets will have more structural stability to hold up to various activities involving force. 

The ribbed design should give you plastic buckets that you can trust, regardless of the foods you're storing, short-term or long-term. You'll also feel more confident moving these buckets when they have said design. Checking for this feature is pretty easy. You should be able to see the ribbed sections when looking at these buckets online or in person. 

Plastic buckets are amazing resources for food storage operations because of their durable nature and the variety of sizes they come in. If you plan on getting a food-safe variety, make sure you get a couple of features that improve durability and overall function. Then you'll have better experiences shipping and storing food. Keep these tips in mind when looking for 5-gallon food-safe buckets.