Top Benefits Of Crushed Stone Gravel Vs Pea Gravel

Posted on: 13 October 2021

You might be somewhat familiar with pea gravel since you might have seen it used in parking lots, driveways, and more. However, you might not really know anything about crushed stone gravel, and you could be wondering if there is a difference. Although the two products do have many similarities, there are some differences, too. Which one you will want to use will depend on the project that you're working on. In many cases, though, crushed stone gravel has many more benefits than pea gravel.

It's Usually Cheaper

Overall, gravel is typically a pretty affordable material to work with, no matter what kind you choose. However, some gravel is more affordable than other types, and typically, crushed stone gravel is one of the cheapest types of gravel that you can purchase. You can save even more money by buying your crushed stone gravel by the truckload, too.

It's Often Used Underground

There are various ways that crushed stone gravel can be used, but most commonly, it is used underground. Many contractors like using crushed stone gravel when working underground instead of using pea ground because they find that stone is more stable, making it a good choice for preparing sites for things like building home foundations or pouring concrete.

Additionally, crushed stone gravel is actually great for drainage purposes, making it ideal for many underground applications. For example, if crushed stone gravel is put down before a home foundation is built, it can help prevent foundation issues that can sometimes be caused by poor drainage underneath the home.

It Can Be Used for Landscaping, Too

You might notice that pea gravel is commonly used for landscaping, and you might not think that you can use crushed stone gravel for this purpose. However, you might actually find that crushed stone gravel is actually better for certain landscaping applications. For example, you might like crushed stone gravel for your flower beds, since it can be good for helping with drainage and preventing weeds. You may prefer the look of crushed stone gravel over pea gravel when used in this type of visible way on your property. After all, because it's angular, many people think it gives a better visual.

As you can see, even though pea gravel definitely has its uses and benefits, many people like crushed stone gravel better, especially for certain projects. If you contact a company that sells gravel, you can find out more about crushed stone gravel and its benefits and uses. Contact a stone gravel supplier near you to learn more.