Advice When Using A Warehouse Pedestrian Detection System

Posted on: 2 February 2022

Pedestrian detection systems are pivotal safety resources for warehouses because of the moving machinery around employees, such as forklifts and pallet hand trucks. You just need to make sure you follow these protocols when using one around your own warehouse facility.

Educate Personnel on How Detection Systems Work

You may invest in some pretty advanced pedestrian detection system for the warehouse facility, but the only way it's going to be effective from a safety standpoint is if you educate all of your staff on it. They need to know what it's for and how it's supposed to work once active.

Focus on things like the type of sounds and visuals these detection systems give off so that your staff knows if their own detection devices are working as they should. You should also have everyone test out these systems in real-time to get a better understanding of their capabilities. That will clear up any confusion and help you maximize the effectiveness of said detection system.

Have Detection System Professionally Tested at Certain Intervals

Once you successfully implement a pedestrian detection system to reduce collisions between personnel and moving equipment, make sure you continue to have said system professionally tested at certain intervals. Then you can verify the system is working at optimal capacity.

Hire licensed professionals to conduct these tests and then you can gain access to relevant data, such as the overall responsiveness of the system and its current impact on worksite safety. These inspections will help you pinpoint potential malfunctions before they lead to a serious work-related accident. 

Still Follow the Approved Safety Protocols 

Even if you have equipment and personnel equipped with detection systems that give off alarms, everyone still needs to follow the approved safety protocols when working around a warehouse facility. Then the detection systems will have a bigger impact on preventing dangerous collisions with machinery that moves.

For instance, workers need to exercise caution when walking around corners because there are blind spots for machine operators on the other side. Meanwhile, operators still need to be careful with the actions they perform in the moving machinery as to not create a dangerous warehouse environment.

Adding a warehouse pedestrian detection system around your facility will help improve safety as both operators and nearby personnel will get warnings when either party gets close. You just have to implement and use said system correctly for it to have a long-term impact on reducing accidents.