2 Benefits Of Using Brass Metal For Your Factory's Production Of Plumbing Products

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Whether you are just starting up your factory or are switching over to a new product line, you may be getting ready to start producing plumbing products. When looking over the designs, you may be researching the type of metal that should be used in their production.

If so, you should seriously consider using brass metal for any plumbing products that require it. Below are a couple of the benefits of using brass for your factory's production of plumbing products.

1. Brass Is Able to Withstand High Temperatures While Still Being Able to Hold Heat

One benefit of incorporating brass as the primary metal for your factory's plumbing products is that it is able to withstand high temperatures. Especially if you will be producing products such as water heater pipes and hot water valves, this characteristic is important so that the metal does not degrade or warp over time.

Along with the ability to withstand high temperatures, brass is also able to hold heat. Brass's ability to conduct and hold heat makes it ideal for use with pipes and connections that have to carry hot water so that it does not cool off during transit through the plumbing lines.

2. Brass Metal Does Not Oxidize So It Will Not Rust When in Constant Contact with Water

Another benefit of using brass as the plumbing products' metal is that it does not oxidize. Since brass has natural oxidization inhibitors, it does not rust even when exposed to water over a long period of time.

Since you plan on using metal in plumbing products, the ability of the brass to resist corrosion is not only beneficial but also vital to the quality of the products. The metal in the fixtures, pipes, and valves will not deteriorate from rust, making the last longer than if you were to use copper, iron, or steel in the products.

When your factory produces products designed for plumbing fixtures, choose brass as the primary metal. It is able to hold heat well while not breaking down when exposed to high temperatures. The metal also does not oxidize, so the fixtures will not rust when subjected to constant contact with water. If you would like to learn more about the benefits as well as the types and grades of the metal, contact an industrial supply company that offers a wide brass selection to speak with a representative.

For more information on brass metal, contact a professional near you.