How Big Can You Go? Heavy-Duty Cranes Of Monumental Size And Why You Might Need Them

Posted on: 7 April 2016
Cranes of the usual construction sort often have ways to expand their reach and height to accomplish heavy lifting and destruction jobs from the ground. However, there are heavy-duty cranes known as "gantry cranes" which do not have height extenders. Instead, this type of heavy-duty crane is built in several sizes to accomplish larger and larger jobs. How big can you go with a gantry crane? Why would you need such a large, heavy-duty crane?
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3 Benefits Provided By A Driveway Gate

Posted on: 2 February 2016
One very useful and popular addition to your home is a driveway gate, mostly because of the various benefits that it can provide. Listed below are just three of the benefits that a driveway gate can provide. Makes Your Property Safer A major benefit provided by a driveway gate is that it can make your property quite a bit more secure. For example, the gate will make it much harder for anyone to get onto your property undetected, which makes it much more difficult for the intruder to get into your home.
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Why You Should Have Customized Machinery Built For Your Industrial Business

Posted on: 1 December 2015
In your industrial business, it is critical to ensure that you have the right machinery for building your products. You can purchase pre-made machinery that can be altered for your factory's needs, but there is a better option—hiring a custom machinery company to work with you and build the perfect customized machinery for your company's needs. Basically, someone from a machine shop can talk to you about what your factory manufactures and what type of machinery you need to manufacture these products.
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Metals And Specialty Steels Used In Canada's Oil And Gas Industry

Posted on: 2 November 2015
When it comes to the oil and gas industry, Canada ranks fifth in the world when it comes to producing both crude oil and natural gas. The oil and gas industry is active in 12 out of 13 provinces and territories and contains enough natural gas reserves to meet the country's energy demand for the next 300 years. One of the many components that makes energy production so successful in Canada are the types of metals and specialty steels that are used in the oil and gas industry.
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